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Patawe Thai Herbal Massage Products UK | Premium supplier of herbal compress & Thai massage products

The Patawe Brand

Patawe is the world leader in herbal compress balls

Our Story

Patawe is the brainchild of Supachoke Sujumnong, a former communications engineer who wanted to establish an internationally renowned Thai brand. Supachoke wanted to create an exclusive product that had a uniquely Thai identity that would also be difficult to imitate.

Through study and research, Supachoke highlighted three main factors which now form the cornerstones of all our products:

  1. Thai herbs
  2. The art of Thai massage
  3. Ancient Thai Healing Techniques

Supachoke took these ideas and then began to research Thai medicine to find out about the different herbs and household plants that are used in ancient Thai healing techniques. His findings led to the creation of the original herbal compress that is now Patawe’s most celebrated product.

Since our humble beginnings nearly nine years ago Patawe has become a leading company in Thailand and we continue to work hard to ensure fair trade partnerships exist with our growers in Thailand. We are also developing other interests, including running a campaign to encourage householders to love and protect the environment by living in harmony with nature, using traditional values based on economic sufficiency and using the knowledge and wisdom passed down from previous generations.

Our emphasis is on teaching people how to use local herbs and plants as everyday household medicinal cures and, working in conjunction with the Department of Community Development and Traditional Thai Medicine, training people how to make herbal compresses then use them in massage as part of traditional Thai treatments.

We are continuously developing new products and herbal formulas so that different communities can develop a source of income that is stable and enduring.

In Thai, ‘Patawe’ means ‘the Earth’

Patawe in Thai means the Earth. The Earth is a powerful source creating nature and life, at Patawe we appreciate these qualities and make our herbal compress products in such a way so that their qualities reflect and are worthy of the name Patawe.

Patawe is an internationally registered trademark under the international patent and copyright, we are the leading organic Thai Herbal Spa products manufacturer and we are recognised for our professionalism, product formulation and innovative packaging design.

The spiral above the ‘TA’ means the first or number one. Our vision is to be the number one of World Herbal Compress Balls branding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the highest quality certified natural herbal compresses and associated products.

We aspire to enhance the wellbeing of the body holistically and in combination with massage techniques, we wish to share the healing properties of plants, our love of nature and our respect for humanity and the earth.

We strive to encourage our customers to share our values and we offer transparency, respect and responsibility and make choices to ensure a sustainable balance with nature.

Our company philosophy

We believe that feeling close to nature helps everyone achieve a sense of balance — both with the outside world and the world within.

Patawe takes a holistic approach to well-being, meaning we consider the whole person and the choices they make to nurture their body and mind.

We believe that feeling close to nature helps everyone achieve a sense of balance—both with the outside world and the world within. This inspires Patawe to deliver nature’s purest herbs mixed into formulas that holistically heal and enhance well-being.

Our product philosophy

Patawe offers certified natural herbal compresses and associated products, rooted in the philosophy that only the best ingredients and processes will enable us to develop the finest results for our customers.

Patawe’s mission is to share the sensory and healing benefits of nature's healing plants as every day is a chance to bring people and nature closer together

Our knowledge

We believe that plants are nature’s messengers and that each plant ingredient we use brings a unique set of qualities to a formula

Patawe represents a wealth of knowledge about the healing properties of plants. Through dedicated research, personal trial and error and a passion for information we have studied the art of traditional plant therapy and the beneficial effects of organic plants. Our sources of study go far and wide, encompassing different cultures across time and throughout the world, from European herbology, traditional Chinese medicine and Indian ayurveda. We believe that plants are nature’s messengers and that each plant ingredient we use brings a unique set of qualities to a formula. Our careful study has given us great insight into the art of blending therapeutic formulas that please the senses. Patawe has a thorough grasp of how different plants work together to address specific needs and holistically enhance well-being.

Our Standard

Certified Natural

At Patawe we strive to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring that our products are clean, our processes are conscious and our practices are caring. We will never use synthetic ingredients, parabens or genetically modified plants, instead we use certified organic ingredients, plant-specific methods, food- grade and organic emulsifiers, 100% natural fragrances and a natural preservation system so that all our formulas are pure and wholesome.

Social Responsibility

We believe in ethical business practices, we pay fair prices to our partners and suppliers while maintaining long term collaborative trading relationships and we sponsor development initiatives.

We uphold the highest standards of quality throughout all our processes and strive to encourage our farmers to convert to organic farming methods. We give careful consideration to the working conditions of our staff and our growers to ensure we are socially responsible for those that work directly and indirectly with us.

Our perspective on social responsibility is to enrich our partners not only through the immediate rewards of fair prices and fair working practices but to enrich the lives of our partners and their families giving them long term sustainability.

Quality Control

We maintain uncompromising quality control, our in-house chemists monitor the physical and microbiological properties of all Patawe ingredients the products are then passed through independent institutions to ensure that stringent and objective standards are upheld.


  • The winner of Butterfly Award 2008, DITP Ministry of Commerce of Thailand
  • Patawe the Icon Brand of Thailand 2012, DIP Ministry of Industry of Thailand
  • Demark Award 2012, Design Excellence Award 2012, DITP Ministry of Commerce of Thailand
  • G-Mark Award 2013, Good Design Award 2012, Japanese Design Association of Japan
  • Smart On-Line Exporter Award 2013, DITP Ministry of Commerce of Thailand